Academic Writing: Impact of Media on Nomadic Culture in Mongolia

The culture and society of Mongolian nomads is truly unique. It is ancient, based on livestock herding. Traditional values, norms and methods are very important for the survival of families as well as the culture. This blog post contains the abstract of my dissertation. The full dissertation is available on the 'Writing' page.

Short Story: The Purple Horse

‘Neigh neigh’- the purple horse was running as fast as she could. She was old and weary, running back home for days carrying a lifetime of her achievements and emotions, all her possessions and a present. She left her home long time ago when she was young and went to a scary new place where horses were not purple, where they spoke a different language, ate different food, and saw things very differently.

Article: Northampton Square

“Did you know, this tree is hibernating. The new leaves will come out for the spring, they are not at all dead” says Tony...

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